We have earned the trust of our customers by utilizing advanced technology and know-how to meet their stringent requirements.

Our goal is not only to pursue technological and developmental capabilities, but also to provide services from the customer's perspective based on safety and environmentally friendly manufacturing.


Company name
October 3, 1994
CEO Satoru Okubo
10 million yen
Number of employees
Main office

3141 Uenoyama, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi 407-0011
Tel.+81-551-23-1530 Fax.0551-23-1531

Chitose Office

1007-133 Izumisawa, Chitose City, Hokkaido 066-0051
Tel.+81-123-25-6317 Fax.0123-25-6318

Sagamihara Satellite Office

c/o Promity Fuchinobe Building 4th Floor SSM
1-9-15 Kanumadai, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 252-0233

Our Business
  1. Export and import of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and components
  2. Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and components,
    and dispatch and contracting of personnel for these operations
  3. Sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and components
  4. Planning and consulting for modification of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and components
  5. Development, design, manufacture, sales, and maintenance of precision instruments and equipment
  6. Development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of 3D displays and their systems
  7. Related work to the above
Our Products
  • Safety Management System for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Various types of SPIN units
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • 3D monitor and its periherals
  • Design and development of evaluation equipment


We have been providing a wide variety of equipment, mainly coater/developers, with extended service life and additional functions.

Many of today's semiconductor products, such as analog devices, MEMS, power semiconductors, RF devices, discrete products, and sensors, are manufactured on semiconductor manufacturing equipment that processes wafers smaller than 200mm, mainly manufactured between 1980 and 2000.
This generation of equipment is also known as legacy equipment, and some of them are no longer in operation due to the discontinuation of the parts used or the end of manufacturer support.
Since our establishment, we have been engaged in a variety of activities including maintenance support and modification proposals for customer-owned equipment.
We will continue to make full use of the technology and know-how we have cultivated over the years in order to extend the life of our customers' equipment.
We are flexible, so please feel free to contact us regardless of the manufacturer or model.


On-site Maintenance Service

Our experienced engineers provide service support for maintenance, inspection, overhaul, and troubleshooting of customer equipment.

Alternative Parts Development

AC servo motor
AC servo motor
  • AC200V 300W
  • Hollow shaft for adsorption

Provides the same performance as conventional products in terms of rotational accuracy and stability.

Support for replacement from conventional products with multiple manufacturers

DC Power Supply
DC Power Supply
  • W170xD320xH320mm
  • DC5V/12V/24V output

Fully compatible with conventional products

Repair Work

Repair Work
Main repair items
  • Pump, resistance temperature detector replacement
  • Replacement of Pelche element and flow switch

Shipping inspection is conducted based on our specified items after repair.

Modification and option proposals

Chemical Supply System
Chemical Supply System
  • Automatic two-tank switching system
  • Various chemicals can be used.

Can be customized according to the customer's operating environment
Providing in cabinets and manufacturing centralized supply cabinets for multiple equipment

Chemical Flow Monitoring System
Chemical Flow Monitoring System
  • Clamp ultrasonic sensor (Resist support available)
  • Logging and data transfer available

Can be applied to customer facilities as a monitoring system using PLC control
* Alarm and interlock capture

Proposal of Alternative Equipment

Proposal of Alternative Equipment

If existing equipment cannot handle new process due to aging or other reasons, we will propose alternatives to meet your requirements.


We offer a full range of services to meet customers' needs, from specification meeting, design & manufacturing, installation, setup, and after-sales service.

We have provided equipment for a variety of applications, including integrated processing of existing production processes, new replacements for discontinued equipment, and units and processing equipment for newly developed projects.
We will support you from specification meeting to system implementation through fine adjustment.
We provide support from the customer's standpoint, including after-sales service and improvement proposals after equipment installation.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Metering Dispenser

Metering Dispenser
  • W420xD730xH800mm
  • Discharge by electric pump
  • Viscosity: Maximum 20000cp
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% FS (pump alone)

Various pumps can be installed (electric / air driven)
Interfaces can be prepared according to production equipment
(Discharge start signal and alarm)

Special Spin Coater

Special Spin Coater
  • W750xD500xH1200mm
  • Automatic transfer system

We propose according to the special work shape, special chemical solution, and special process.

Square Spin Coater

Square Spin Coater
  • W700xD800xH1600mm
  • 5" square board
  • Step program method

Other than spin coater

  • ・Spin developer
  • ・Heat treatment unit
  • ・Peripheral exposure unit

Various units are available

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
  • W900xD900xH1700mm
  • Automatic supply of three types of chemicals for ultrasonic cleaning
  • Function of chemical temperature control

As an option, these safety spec can be added.
Automatic fire extinguishing system (CO2)
Gas sensor